Friday, August 3, 2007

Friday Sour Kraut

A few isolated stories, that I found interesting enough to pass along:
  • It appears that there are some 100% viable and extremely likely to get elected candidates that finally made up their mind and decided to jump in to various political races in Pittsburgh. I'm all for having fringe candidates in the election, if for no other reason then to spice up the debate and get new issues in. If Mark Rauterkus wins all of the elections for which he is running he can combine their powers and form Captain Planet!
  • A blogger in DC posted a nice blog post about "Why being from Pittsburgh is Like Being an Imigrant." It's always nice to see someone from outside Pittsburgh who recalls it so fondly. Wouldn't it be nice to have the kind of job pool that we could tell him to stop missing home and come back? Also, I can't claimed to have found this article it appears courtesy of Jim Russell, who made a nice shout out to my blog from his well established Burgh Diaspora.
  • Chris Briem had an interesting post on the latest transit audit. I was surprised to learn that a higher percentage of Pittsburgher's use mass transit then in many large cities. I would have expected that our large driving population would have made that not the case. Perhaps we have a larger driving population AND a larger mass transit population then most cities because so few people live close to work? I don't know, but one of these days I intend to do some research and have an informed opinion, in the meantime read Chris' post.

I'll be back to the profiles this afternoon with any luck. Up next, city council.

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