Thursday, August 9, 2007

Profile: Darlene Harris

So in profiling the city council representatives I decided to simply go in order. That means District 1's Darlene Harris is up first. What an interesting lead off hitter she is too. I did a lot of scouring the Internet looking for stories about her that I could post that were factual. There's a lot of hate for her out there in the blogosphere, but I'll try to post only stories from reliable, unbalanced (or at least mostly unbalanced) sources.

Name: Darlene Harris
Current Position: Councilman from District 1, up for election this year.
Born: Couldn't Find This, she was 53 during the campaign last year
Education: Median School of Allied Health Careers (Graduate, not sure what degree)
Party Affiliation: Democrat
Religion: Couldn't Find Info
Non-political Career: I don't have a scientific layout of this, but she worked (apparently as an administrative assistant) for then State Senator Len Bodak Sr, she has apparently been active in community type work and her last job before becoming councilman was at the Summit Academy.
Political Career:
  • School Board Member: Late 90s to 2003
  • Won a special election to take Mayor Ravenstahl's spot on city council.


I realize she's a polarizing figure, and I hope if there is anything critical that I've missed (good or bad) that my readers will add it in comments.

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