Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wednesday Sour Kraut

Sorry it took me so long to post again. I'm impressed by all the bloggers that blog at the same time everyday, I apologize that I lack their diligence. You remember that guy in college that was always doing his semester long projects on the last day of the term? That was me, and I'm bringing that attitude all the way from Penn State to the blogosphere. Anyway, my evening news check netted some perfect Sour Kraut to go with your Hot Dog:
  • There are three things the Steelers should NEVER have. First, cheerleaders. Second, a dome. Third, a mascot. Looks like somebody forgot to tell the Rooneys and one Mr. Steely McBeam about #3.
  • In case you've been hibernating in an air conditioned cave the last few weeks, Barry Bonds broke Hank Aarons career home run record*. The font doesn't get any bigger for that asterisk, I tried. In related news, the Pirates have decided to deflect some of PNC Park's boos from their current players by giving us a video opportunity to boo Barry.
  • I have my problems with pork barrel politics and with the federal government stepping on the states, but if the systems in place we might as well use it. With that thinking in mind, it's nice to see the West End get some money for crime prevention.