Monday, March 31, 2008

RMS Fair and Balanced

On March 24th Senator Clinton met with Pittsburgh Trib Reporters and the owner of the Trib, the "fair and balanced" Richard Mellon Scaife. In case that sentence doesn't sound absurd to you... Scaife (through several alias organizations) funded the dredging up of whitewater during Bill's presidency.

The story doesn't end there though... RMS (as his friends should call him) wrote a little editorial this morning in which he PRAISED Hillary. WHAT? He said she showed courage by showing up in spite of the negative press from the Trib. He teased toward the end that he'd consider having his paper endorse her for the April 22nd primary, but then decided he wanted to hear Obama first.

  • Do you think RMS listens to Rush? Is this a rich guys version of operation chaos? Check out Rush's website where he claims victory in Operation Chaos. I have a whole post worth of things to say here, none of them pleasant. I'll just take a few prescription drugs and try to settle down... Maybe another day.
  • Do any democrats care who RMS or the Trib endorses for the DEMOCRATIC primary? If I was on the fence I'd turn to a coin flip LONG before I checked the trib.

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