Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Sour Kraut

Before I could get dressed for church I had to do some house cleaning around the Internet. Among the great many stories I found interesting enough to pass on, but not interesting enough to write about:
  • Joe Paterno decided not to greet President Clinton when he was at Penn State. Jay Paterno however, is a Barack Obama supporter.
  • An interesting map of the entire country with each county classified as one of 11 categories. Allegheny County is an "Industrial Metropolis."
  • This website is offering Pittsburghers jobs as paid extras in a movie that will be shot in the Mellon arena. Apparently you have to pretend to like the Pens, that doesn't sound too tough.
  • Councilman Dowd is going to propose a piece of legislation to give City Council more influence in one of Pittsburgh's many boards. The article was billed as more of a "battle" between the mayor and council. I don't see why this has to be part of the battle, if council feels that something needs to be addressed here, let them address it. Criticism and/or charter based oversight between the legislative and executive branches of city government is not a waste of time (within reason of course), it's a vital part of how government operates.
  • John McCain and George W. Bush are NOT the same. NOT NOT NOT the same. To imply that they are and constantly show pictures of them hugging is irresponsible. It's practically swift boating. Democrats at the Daily Kos and elsewhere have been playing this relationship up as an effort to play on people's fears of war. How is this any different then the Republicans playing up the fears from 9/11 to pass silly bills like FISA? We (democrats) have the upper hand in this election why not win it with integrity? I'm sure I'll be back to this as the election progresses.
  • Big Mo (~1935-2007) - The Yellow Footed Tortoise from the Pittsburgh Zoo. I can't wait to make it out to the zoo again sometime soon.
  • I just bought a new TV, so I'm really looking forward to catching the Pens Game in HD today!

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