Saturday, April 12, 2008

Damnit Sean Lee

There has been SOOO much bad news out of the Penn State Football Program this year. The Black Shoes Diary is even considered giving up off season blogging. I can't blame him.

Let me describe to you just how PSU killed my night. I had gone down to Primanti's on the Southside (which by the way has a sick number of HUGE TVs) to watch the Pens kick the Sens Ottawan Asses. I thoroughly enjoyed the game even leading a "Let's Go Pens" cheer in the bar. As we leave the bar to head back to my house for a few beers before heading out, I check on the Buccos on my cell phone. We're winners 1-0. Call me a nerd, but here's what I'm thinking, "This is going to be the best FSN Highlight show EVER." We get back to my place, crack open the beers and throw on FSN. First story, "Sean Lee out for the season."


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