Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Comet Comment

Bram Reichbaum is getting a lot of credit for unearthing the connection between Pat Ford and Lamar executives. For the most part though, I'm not that impressed. He was sent an email by one of his readers with the information in it. If it were sent to this blog, it would have appeared in much the same way. I think it is impressive for Pittsburgh Blogs in general, but not necessarily for Bram's Comet.

Bram's post this morning on the comments Barack Obama is receiving heat over, is one reason I read his blog regularly. The fact that he actually attends things like the Lamar hearing is another. So for that, I say bravo Bram, thanks for your dedication to your blog (and the Burgh Report) There is no doubt that you greatly improve the Pittsburgh News/Opinion Scene.

Really do check out the Obama post from this morning. It does an excellent job of comparing Clinton and Obama's way of addressing PA Voters and honestly questions just who is insulting us.

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