Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I'll have mine with double krout

That's right two doses of kraut salad inside half an hour. Not going to be sick are you?
  • Chris Briem posted this scary YouTube video that shows the expansion of WalMarts over the past 30 odd years. I don't know whether to be pissed, scared or impressed.
  • Jeff Reed has the best job in the world. He gets to be a Steeler without getting hit, working out, or in any way curbing his drinking. He proved the last of these points at his bachelorette party.
  • Hillary Clinton is going to go on Bill O'Reilley tonight. It's always fun to see two excessively stubborn people on opposite sides of the spectrum on TV. They both have to make their own fan base happy by half hating the other, but neither wants to alienate the other's fan base altogether. At any rate, it's a shame I'll be at another dinner meeting.
  • I also noted, the UPMC sign on the Ranger's boards on the FSN/Pens telecast. Unfortunately since I am in Hotlanta, this is from the highlights. I wonder though, if this is a TV trick that only shows up on Pittsburgh telecasts, like the signs behind home plate at Pirates' games which FSN doctors up.
  • The Pensblog had a FANTASTIC wrap up of yesterdays game. They, unlike traditional media, can express the emotion that all of us who enjoy the sport of hockey are feeling about this potentially historic team. They express the wonder and amazement of watching college aged kids own a league of professionals that traditional news can't adequately express. If you haven't been following the Pens through their site, you should start.
  • Last, but certainly not least in my thoughts is this critical review of the Trib's critical review of a NY Times editorial. While Dave makes some great points the thing that pisses me off is how a "newspaper" that uses expressions like "Leave it to liberals to", "atrocious, political-speech restricting campaign finance laws", and calls opinions around hoping to prevent disenfranchisement "laughable" can pass itself off as a real newspaper. It's ok in a blog, but some people actually get their NEWS from this joke of a paper.
  • As for an opinion on the subject at hand. There were, as Dave points out, 24 documented cases of voter fraud that might have been prevented by the required showing of ID over the last 3 YEARS. The problem with requiring IDs is that if you don't fly or drive anywhere you may not even have ID, and a disproportionately high percentage of people who don't fly or drive anywhere are poor. So requiring ID, if it's not done carefully, ends up being a way of disenfranchising the poor. I acknowledge that verifying identity would be ideal, but not more ideal then hearing every person's vote. That is my "laughable" opinion.

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