Sunday, April 20, 2008

Imigration, The Burghosphere Divided

I noticed over on Pittsblog some interesting feedback to a post on immigration. There is a guy who has apparently seen some large Pittsburgh firms use the H1-B process to find cheep replacements for local talent. A few people, like myself, who shoot for something in the middle. Lastly, a woman whose husband is facing some fairly serious immigration issues.

At the end of the day, marriage aside, I think we have a responsibility to look out for Pittsburghers (and by extension Americans, as this is a national issue). However, I think when you look at the macroeconomics, the upcoming medicare shortages and the education gap it becomes necessary to find a way to infuse our labor force and our economy with skilled immigrants, particularly here in the Burgh. It elevates the jobs we have available here and brings the worlds best and brightest to the US where their work will doubtlessly lead to more jobs for less skilled Americans as well.

The problem with the system of course is that if you add additional competition to the labor pool, some Americans will feel it negatively. The problem to me is not whether we allow workers to come in on H1-B visas, there is little doubt to me that it is best for MOST Americans, and certainly most Pittsburghers. The question is how we can help the people who don't fit in "MOST Americans" or "most Pittsburghers." Perhaps use all income tax paid by H1-B visa holders to fund continuing education for those affected? I don't know how feasible that is, but it will take something creative to bring people like Shultz (the commenter from Pittsblog, if you didn't link over) on board.
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