Wednesday, April 9, 2008

A Little Sour Kraut to Get You Through Your Wednesday

I had to be at work at 7am this morning so I could meet with a couple German guys. In their honor I present, Sour Kraut (if you're new to the blog that's what I call posts that are a collection of links/comments):
  • The Washington Post ran a story on Luke Ravenstahl. For the most part it's the kind of "isn't Pittsburgh a quaint little city with a cute little mayor" story that I'm tired of hearing. There are a few amusing quotes including Mayor Ravenstahl's spokeswoman calling him the "Brittney Spears of Pittsburgh."
  • I do think Ravenstahl is working hard to do what he can (the article says he's rarely home before 9), but one wonders as they read his long list of transgressions in a national newspaper, at what point we should expect him to be our "experienced Mayor of nearly 2 years" instead of our "young Mayor"
  • Another PSU Football Player in trouble. Actually, it's one of the 6 that destroyed some kid's apartment back in October. His status went from "suspended" to "kicked off the team." As the Nittany Line points out the embarrassing part is the "see also" section of the ESPN article.
  • Nittany Line also points out that things might not be as bad as they seem. Apparently the other 5 are learning their lesson.
  • Bob Mayo had his blog attacked by well intentioned robots. I'm serious. I wonder what he said that sounded spamish?
  • In case after listening to an hour of CNN, an hour of FOX News and spending an hour reading Two Political Junkies you thought, "My view of American Politics is really incomplete, I wonder what Alec Baldwin thinks." He has a blog.
  • Speaking of Two Politcal Junkies, check out this Hillary video they posted a link to. It makes you wish we could have a woman president just to shut everyone up. On the other hand if you (like me) think she might not do a very good job as president, that video makes me want to wait till we have a good female candidate who can put Keith Olbermann in his place, back on ESPN.

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