Monday, April 14, 2008

Nothing Cures Your Hangover Like a Little Sour Kraut

Let's go straight to the kielbasa:
  • Is it ok for Sour Kraut to point to Pot Luck? I'm linking yinz over to Null Space, where Chris has unearthed two interesting perspectives on how Pittsburgh is doing. Whine as we like to in the city, apparently Detroit (Detroit Free Press) and Wheeling (Wheeling News Register) are jealous.
  • The Buccos are 6-6 and 2.5 games off the pace in the NL Central. Listen, I'm aware this isn't a great thing. It is however better then the kick in the crotch we get most Aprils.
  • Mike Madison brought around the immigration issue again. Not a whole lot of new stuff here, but until this thing gets fixed it's worth bringing up again and again and again and again. We can have our fun in the blogosphere, being distracted by a big billboard, but I'm glad we're not forgetting this important issue in the excitement of lamargate.
  • The Post-Gazette has some pretty nifty 360 degree pictures in their online edition. Check out the one at Opening Day.
  • Even though I blasted Chad Hermann for one of his Obama posts. I'm a little disappointed that he's sticking with his self-imposed week away from Obama. I was interested to hear what his thoughts on what was said in SF were. Ed Rendell, of course, couldn't keep his mouth shut.
  • I'm in a good mood, I hope you enjoy your Monday as much as I intend to enjoy mine.

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