Monday, April 28, 2008

Slacker Jon Reporting, Finally

All I have is a little Sporty Sour Kraut to go with your Three Rivers Stadium Hot Dog...
  • Well, the Steelers drafted. I watched the draft for about 10 minutes... then I changed the channels so that I wouldn't grab the nearest available pencil and poke my own eyes out. Fortunately for you, the guys at Mondesi's House have more patience.
  • One of the Steelers draftees was Ryan Mundy, a Woodland Hills product. While I love it when the Steelers dip in to the local talent pool, the main reason for this bullet point is to point out that Mundy was part of the 2000 Woodland Hills team that LOST to my Mt. Lebanon Blue Devils in the WPIAL Championship game.
  • Jim Russell has an interesting take on an old subject, how/when people from outside Pittsburgh will be taking over opposing stadiums this season.
  • Paul Maholm went all 9 innings without throwing 100 pitches. I'd imagine the bullpen enjoyed remembering what it was like to have a day off.
  • Oh ya, a couple words on the Pens so far this post season... HELL YEAH!

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