Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sour Kraut...

... and you know what, since I forgot to post yesterday, go ahead and grab yourself some kielbasa too.
  • I've been watching a fair bit of television this week (light week) there appear to be some political adds... among the things I've learned:
    - It seems that both Hilary and Barack are practically married to the oil companies.
    - I own a hand gun and am much more religious then I thought.
    - Unlike Hilary, Barack runs negative TV ads.
    - Unlike Barack, Hilary runs negative TV ads.
    - I'll be poor if Barack gets elected.
    - I'll be jobless if Hilary gets elected.
    I'm so glad that our democratic process is reduced to how many easily manipulated people see 30 second spots (I promised more on this phenomenon and how it links to campaign finance, and I will write that post someday, I swear it).
  • I'm so over billboard-gate (or one of the 47 other nicknames the Burghosphere has devoted it's last 3 weeks to generating). Mayor Ravenstahl should just fire Pat Ford and let us go back to blogging about interesting things like the city/county merger, h1-b visas, Act 47 and any of the 100 other issues more important then 4 downtown billboards.
  • Does that picture even need a caption? Look at the poor little goalie. He had a good series, but when you face 40+ shots per game (40.25 to be exact) from a team with Crosby, Malkin AND Hossa you're likely to end up feeling like someone just tricked you in to eating a bug.
  • Is that the best analogy I can come up with? Well yes, tonight it is, and I apologize to anyone who reads this post).
  • I went to 7 straight Blue and White games (the Penn State Spring Practice Scrimage). I don't have time to go this weekend, but it's nice to see if I HAD gone, it would have been the first one I saw with good weather.
  • The Pirates are (finally) getting a Sabermatician... I know what you're thinking (those of you who aren't returning from Google at least), "What the hell is a sabermatician?" It's a fancy name for a Stats Geek. A guy that knows ALL the statistics and how to make a solid, impartial decision. If you haven't read MoneyBall yet, get it. It explains how Sabermath was a key element to how the Oakland A's becoming successful.
  • The new Sabermatician is a former writer for Baseball Prospectus (a Sabermath publication). In his former role, he pointed out that our current shortstop sucks.
  • One thing you don't need to be a Sabermatician to see is that Nate McClouth is on fire, as I pointed out here. My favorite record in Baseball (since Big Bad Barry Bonds broke all the good records) is Joe Dimaggio's 56 game hitting streak. Can you imagine, 56 GAMES in a row with a hit! Well Nate McClouth is at 15 so I'm going to assume he's going to break the record. With that in mind, I'll close each post with how he's doing. Also, McClouth got his own article in Sport's Illustrated.

Wow, that's a lot of Sour Kraut, go take a Tums, I'll do a rant tomorrow.

Nate McClouth has hit in 15 consecutive games.

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