Monday, April 21, 2008

Sour Kraut

Mmmmm. Cabbage
  • Jon Stewart on Western PA. Mike thinks you should wait for 2:20, I think 5:00 to 5:45 is the good part.
  • Finally, the trib made an endorsement for the democratic primary. Thank goodness, I didn't know who to vote for until Richard Mellon Scaife told me. For those of you who don't get the sarcasm (I hope there isn't anyone), Scaife who owns the Trib and has the final say on who the Trib endorses is the guy behind much of the right-wing Clinton hating bullshit that got Hillary's hubby impeached
  • The link in the above bullet is to the Arkansas Project because wikipedia chose to call "right-wing Clinton hating bullshit" the Arkansas Project instead of its proper name.
  • Does anybody know if the Carbolic Smoke Ball photoshopped this picture? If not, it's sad sad sad. If so, it's funny funny funny.
  • Over on Blog Lebo the commissioner (the head position in Lebo), said that municipal meetings would be Cablecast and not Webcast, because webcasting carries an annual hosting bill of approximately $28,000. $28,000? How many people do they think are going to watch Mt. Lebanon municipal meetings? Is there some law that states that Local Governments can't use YouTube? Until local governments get a clue we're going to have to keep waiting for good old Rauterkus to video tape his TV. What do you suppose it cost him to put that video together? about $28,000?
  • Mark Rauterkus's blog, in case you somehow managed to know about my blog and not his.
  • Hilarious prank call from B94 to the Ottawa Senators before game 4.
  • PittGirl is hating on the buccos. I want to disagree, but I can't, she's right. Thank goodness for the all-you-can-eat section. But the good news...

Nate McClouth Hitting Streak at 18.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Thanks for the pointer.

Inflation from gov workers is out of hand.

It won't cost me $28k.


Judge Rufus Peckham said...

Re: 4th bullet point -- all we did was change the caption. If Larry King had thought about it, he would have had Paris on the show to discuss the Pa. primary.

Burgher Jon said...

Wow, two of the great Burghloggers with comments.

If you're interested in the Mt. Lebo video stuff, there's been a bunch of back and foreth commenting on Blog Lebo, including a comment from the Commish!

To the Honorable Rufus Peckman's comment, I'll bet Larry was fighting the temptation to turn to the camera and say, "It's Paris Hilton people, I'm interviewing Paris Hilton, why the explative deleted are you watching this?"