Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thursday Kraut Salad

  • I'm flying home tonight for good (or at least a couple weeks)! I have been on the road monday-thursday every week so far this year and I will finally get a chance to spend the week at home next week. Will that mean more blogging? less? Guess we'll just have to find out.
  • Because I was in New York, instead of watching the Pirates 15 inning drama or the Pens thrilling shut out (both available in HD on the nice big TV that sat unused in my house), I watched Criminal Minds. Why? Because it took place in Pittsburgh! It was clear that it wasn't actually filmed in Pittsburgh or at all based in fact, but there were a few references to Burghish things.
  • I should devote a whole post to Alecia Sirk and Pat Ford's downfall, but I'm disinclined. There's too much out there already. I don't think it's THAT big of deal. I understand that there needs to be a zero tolerance policy when it comes to gifts from people who can/do receive favor, but I think this, much like the McCain thing is a little bigger then it needs to be. Ultimately, it was a stupid risk for Pat Ford and Alecia Sirk to take and they paid for it. (PG Story)
  • Chris Briem, has an interesting thought on how the story of the gifts from Lamar Executives to Pittsburgh Executives may have been uncovered. (Briem Post) (The Burgh Blog Post, this has more background on what actually went down, without the speculation)
  • Some old friends of my family back in Lebo are being honored by the United Way, thought I'd give them a quick shout out.
  • My City Councilman, Bruce Kraus, is apparently urging people to not only call 311 when they want to report vandalism, illegal dumping, abandoned cars, etc... but to call HIS OFFICE. I'm going to have to agree with Mark Rauterkus here and link to his post rather then the original article. I think my City Councilman, especially with all that's going on in Council right now, has more important things to do. I think Councilman Kraus is doing a good job so far, I hope he doesn't get distracted from his "real" job.
  • Great Picture from the Trib of the Pens Last Night

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