Thursday, April 3, 2008

Thursday's Goodies

This post is going to be a sour kraut one, but you're going to get a healthy dose of opinions.

First, the politics. Today is shaping up like quite the interesting day:
  • City Council yesterday, decided not to cut there own budget. There's a surprise. They actually did the responsible thing though and got a letter from the Act 47 recovery team that said that they were within the budget specified by Act 47.
  • That article points out that many of the member of cit council claim they drive 400 miles a month on council business and receive $150 in reimbursement per month. 400 miles over 20 business days in a month is 20 miles per day. The city (according to wikipedia) is about 58 square miles. If you live in that box and presumably have most of your business in that box, an average of 20 miles seems high.
  • Chris Briem noted that there is a report forthcoming on the possibility of a city/county merger. He also points us to his "primer" on the distribution of government in SW PA.
  • Apparently, Mayor Ravenstahl was reading Chris' blog this morning, because no sooner had I finished reading Chris' post then Ravenstahl announced he now supports the merger.
  • An interesting post on the Burgh Report about the leanings of one of the really good bloggers in Pittsburgh. It's important to remember that the people who write blogs (silly silly people) are presenting to you, what they want, when they want and how they want. Every blog should be taken with a huge grain of salt.
  • Interesting write up on Hillary's chances or lack thereof from two political junkies. I don't think enough is being said about things like this.

Ok, I now have an urge to get a few sporting tidbits out there:

  • Most important news in the Burgh today: The Pens Clinch the Atlantic. Ok, maybe my priorities are a tad skewed. However, I know the Bucs lost as Sid Briem slid home in game 7 and the Pens won Lord Stanley's cup in 1992. Can anyone say what city council was bickering about without looking it up? Maybe this is the most important news, or at least the most memorable.
  • The Buccos lost, ending our perfect season. Damaso Marte (a middle reliever) has an ERA of 81. This means that he averages giving up 9 earned runs per inning he pitches. I don't provide a link for this, if you want to read more you need a therapist not a newspaper.
  • A Penn State Basketball Player is being charged with sitting behind a girl in the library, trying to make conversation and when that failed beating off. You read that right. One half of me says, "WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?" the other says "indecency is better then assault, I guess"
  • Cleveland fans now have their own line of motivational posters. On a related point, this website is fantastic, it has a ton of related demotivators.

See, I warned you there was a LOT of good stuff out there today. Look for some comments on the City/County thing tomorrow. I want to do some more reading from Chris' Primer before I issue any thoughts.

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