Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pittsburgh Voter Guide in the PG

One of the things I hope to accomplish by having this blog is to attract and engage readers who don't read every article in every paper in the burgh. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy debating fellow newsies and hopefully doing my part to elevate that debate... But I also recognize that most of the votes in Pittsburgh belong to people who woke up this morning unable to name their City Councilman and totally unaware who might or might not be running against them.

That being said, I urge you to check out the Post-Gazette's voter guide. You can put in your address and they will tell you exactly which elections you can vote in and a brief description of the candidates running in them (in their own words).

In order to create this, it appears the people at the Post-Gazette purchased and set up a service from I haven't noticed something like this from the Post-Gazette before, but I am a HUGE fan of this service. Check it out and if you agree with me, write an email to the editor urging them to continue using this service.

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