Monday, May 5, 2008

Boy O' Boy

I don't normally take much space here to let you in on the life of Burgher Jon, but I can not resist this morning. Guess where I am writing this morning... Atlanta? New York? DC? No, PITTSBURGH. It turns out my next client, is one of Pittsburgh's own companies. Representing the first time I'll be in Pittsburgh 4-6 consecutive work weeks in almost 2 years. Better still, the client's office is downtown. So for the first time since an internship with half of what is now BNY Mellon in 2003, I'll be working downtown. So look out Burghers, there will be a noticeable difference downtown since I'll be there.

Also on the good news front... my brother is wrapping up his last week of under graduate education at my esteemed alma mater. This may not sound that significant to the untrained eye, but it is. You see that means that I will be in State College the next two weekends and State College (in addition to its normal charms) is host to the biggest collection of waring Pens and Flyers fans in the state! The bars will be electric and I'll be there for games 1, 2 and if necessary (but probably not) 5.

So either be jealous of my day or have a good one with me, depending on what type of person you are!

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