Thursday, May 8, 2008

Contending in 2008

An open letter to new GM Neal Huntington:


First of all, I wanted to say welcome to Pittsburgh, we're glad to have someone with your baseball pedigree working for our team. I'm the kind of guy you're not going to find many of in Pittsburgh, a baseball fan. I don't cheer for this team because they're good (clearly), because I owe them for the early 1990s or because there's a giveaway at every game (if I had a nickle for every bobblehead doll in my basement...). I root for the Pirates because one of the few things I love more then baseball is Pittsburgh. It's this love of Pittsburgh that makes the Pirates winning more important to me then getting Playoff tickets, I want to erase this period of embarrassment from the record of the City of Champions.

Sorry it's taken me so long to get a letter in to you, but I don't normally write letters until I'm upset and this from the Pirates Notebook upset me:
Others teams have called the Pirates to inquire about trading for outfielders Jason Bay and Xavier Nady, but management is not prepared to move either -- or any primary contributor -- until it rules out contending in 2008.
Until you rule out contending in 2008? Please tell me you're just trying to sell tickets? I know we didn't hire someone who can confuse this team with contenders. This 25 man roster is the exact same one that didn't contend last year. Not only that but we're already 7 games behind in the division and (even though it's way too early to point this out) 5 games back in the wild card. That's with several of our players playing out of their mind (I think we both know Xavier Nady will not be leading the league in RBIs come September, or even June).

Listen, I want us to win, I really do and I understand it's not impossible. However, I would trade our 2% chance of "contending" this season for a 50% chance of contending in 2 years. So answer that phone and get something good for the league leader in RBIs. I want to go to a playoff game someday.

Good Luck,

Burgher Jon
Partial Season Ticket Holder

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