Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elivis is Still in the Building

The title references the Mike Lange expression, if you don't know it, watch some hockey. The post is about the November election. It seems one of Rauterkus' Running Mates thinks Obama (courtesy of Rev. Wright) is out of the election. If you ask some liberals, they'll tell you McCain already blew the election with his "100 Years in Iraq" comment. I'm going to settle it.

Not only is Elvis still in the building, he's not going anywhere for at least 4 or 5 months. Here's the comment I left on Rauterkus' blog:

Are we seriously saying that Obama has already lost the November election? He's lost the November election the same way he lost the democratic primary to Clinton back in January, according to a few short sighted "analysts".

On the other side, they're saying the same thing about McCain's "100 Years
in Iraq" comment. They'll say the same thing when the details of his divorce are
aired publicly. Short sighted analysts will call this election at least a dozen
more times in both directions.

The reality is two good men, men I actually respect are running against
each other for the first time in my lifetime. Instead of jumping to conclusions,
let's enjoy watching a Hero and a Inspiring Speaker debate on the greatest

I got so worked up about the comment I couldn't think of anything to post. So it's doing double duty today. I'll give you a nice long post tomorrow to make up for it.

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Mark Rauterkus said...

I agree with you Jon. Elvis is still in the building. The game isn't over until the fat lady sings -- not the minister.

The one who runs the best campaign is going to be the President.

And, it could be a Libertarian.