Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kraut Sour

There's been a steady diet of cabbage on this blog, that's only because there's too much going on to make one long blog post about anything. Maybe tomorrow...
  • Rendell is talking about Pens vs. Flyers at PSU again. I say, bring it. I watched games 1 and 2 in State College and can tell you the rivalry is INTENSE at PSU; chants, insults, the whole bit. An actual game up there would be even crazier.
  • Pittsburgh (AP) got money for new recreational docks on the Mon. As a boat lover who lives on the Mon, I'm pleased. It even sounds like this might be on the Southside, though it's hard to tell from this article. I couldn't find it in the P-G though. Someone also deserves some credit for finding us federal funding, but this article doesn't make it clear who... I'll try to find out.
  • VERY interesting primer on the 2009 Mayoral Primary. I'm excited to be a member of the blogosphere for the upcoming elections. In fact, I just created a new tag for the "2009 Election"
  • I don't normally do national news from the P-G, but I noticed this AP article. It has to do with McCain acknowledging Global Warming (in spite of his party's platform). I truly believe McCain does not want to be the next Bush, and I really think he wouldn't be if he got elected. However, the people who would have his ear do concern me.
  • Ed Rendell said that he won't support any state-wide ban on smoking that pre-empts the law in Philly. As an occasional cigar smoker, I'm all for a ban on smoking as long as there are some ways around it. Currently in Philly, smaller bars that have less then 20% of their revenue from food may allow smoking. That is good enough for me, I'm curious why the state legislators aren't interested in a bill that harsh.
  • I saved it for last, cause all the other bloggers have covered it so thoroughly, but there is all this business about the conflict of interest. I believe that the councilmen should not be allowed to vote on whether they are reimbursed or not. I further believe that they should be reimbursed, but with a very strict warning to all of council that this is not acceptable, future expenditures must be reviewed BEFORE they are spent.

I had yesterday off and BADLY need to get caught up, so I won't have a chance to provide anymore insight today. Tomorrow though, I hope to have a good rant for you.

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