Monday, May 5, 2008

Merger Talks but no Merger Walks

I mentioned this briefly in the Sunday Kraut, but it appears that the closed door meeting with municipal government officials from around the city may have been more important then I expected. The trib covered some response to the meetings that I noticed this morning. I couldn't find it in the p-g, I'm not saying it wasn't there, just that I couldn't find it.

My first thought is that I like the idea of a police and fire first scenario. It makes sense to get some quick wins before discussing the complicated issue of full consolidation. I don't think you can forget that goal as an end goal, but I recognize you can't put it to a referendum tomorrow and win either.

My second thought, is that this progress was very limited and totally undocumented, but it was something and I like to see something. So keep working Dan and Luke and I'll follow it as close as I can.

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