Friday, May 9, 2008

Sour Kraut

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a condiment.
  • According to Yahoo, the Pirates are the worst franchise in (not baseball but...) all of professional sports. Ouch.
  • Good news though, we added a .207 hitter to our bench. Grumble grumble grumble.
  • The Post-Gazette runs two front page presidential politics articles. First, Clinton Not Slowing Down and second PA Superdelegate Backs Clinton. This all masking the real news, that Barack Obama took the lead in superdelegates. Does Hillary get the newspaper?
  • What the hell was Rep. Chris Carney thinking (the aforementioned PA Superdelegate). "I better hurry up and endorse Hillary before she concedes"
  • Sally Wiggin's back to blogging.
  • Ok, I'm out of time I've got to get up to State College. I'm not normaly a fashion person, but I found the PERFECT shirt for watching the game in a mixed crowd of philly and pittsburgh people. It's from Southside Steaks on Carson at 20th. It reads, "Southside Philadelphia Style Cheesesteaks, because not EVERYTHING from Philly Sucks."

Have a Good One Burghers, and forgive me if I can't fit blogging in this weekend between drinking, golfing and watching the pens.

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Burgher Jon said...

A buddy of mine sent me this quote by Phil Sheridan of the Inquirer. I don't normally acknowledge anybody from Philly (as long as you discount that several of my good friends are from there), but this is worth reading:

By the end of the series, there will be new grudges and fresh outrages. The referees' integrity will be questioned and the opposing fans will be viewed as no-class thugs. Statewide, rational behavior will be at record lows.

It'll be great.