Monday, May 12, 2008

Sour Kraut

Nothing like some Pittsburgh food at a time with so much Pittsburgh pride.
  • Of course, the first must-reed bit of cabbage is the Pensblog recap of the 4-2 victory yesterday. I was walking around State College bars, but thoroughly enjoyed the parts of the game that I caught.
  • The most exciting thing I found in the news this morning (even though I knew you thought it was the pens) is that the Marathon is back!!!! Way back in my in-shape days I trained for a marathon (never got to running more then 14 miles though). I really feel like it's the kind of event that Pittsburgh needs. So many people think poorly of our great town, and what better way to prove them wrong then to make them run through the picturesque neighborhoods that make it up. For all the criticism that Ravenstahl and Onorato have received the past few months it's nice to see they have done something that I think is a FANTASTIC thing.
  • Speaking of said criticism, here is a very interesting article in the Burgh Report about how corrupt Luke's decision to back consolidation MIGHT have been. I would rather not think that someone could buy his opinion that easily, but I do think it's worth keeping an eye out for.
  • There was a note in Null Space about the downtown wi-fi projects of Pittsburgh and Philly. I have things to say about this, but I think I have all post worth of them. I also need to do a little research, and call a fellow IT Architect who has more insight in to Telecom. Look for it in the next week or two.
  • I just finished listening to the Bucs put away the Braves for their 5th straight win. They can make it to .500 with a win in 10 minutes (the second game of the doubleheader).

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Burgher Jon said...

Correction: The Pirates had won SIX in a row at the time of this post.