Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sour Kraut

I don't really have time for two posts, but there were a few good stories out there I wanted to pass along.
  • I don't know how Chris Briem found this story about the company that was to build the Pittsburgh MagLev dissolving, but it's interesting. I've always doubted that it would ever happen, but doesn't the tunnel under the Allegheny signal a commitment to the subway?
  • I'm not going to say what the Pirates record is nor what it would be if they won their next game, but you should check it out.
  • Char of the Burgh Report discovered this article about the problem of Los Angeles billboards. It turns out that LA has over 4000 illegal billboards. Some of which were built within plain sight of the administrators who are payed to restrict their construction. The problem in LA is made pretty plain in the article. Politicians aren't going to do anything about they're losing more votes by not doing anything about it then they're gaining by buying ads with the billboard company's campaign contributions. That hasn't happened and doesn't appear to be on its way anytime soon.
  • The good news derived from the LA article is that we're NOT as bad as them. A fact, that while partly attributable to the smaller population (and there for smaller audience for billboards and smaller revenue for billboard companies), is largely attributable to a larger risk to politicians in Pittsburgh. That risk comes from a mix of conscientious voters, good news reporting and (I would like to think) an active and at times fierce Burghosphere.
  • While I have several friendly bets on the Pens/Flyers series, I have to admit... That crowd was INTENSE last night. Too bad they all went home disappointed.

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