Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Sour Kraut Buffet

Sour Kraut tastes better on the Lord's Day, in fact it comes in three varieties!

Burgher Jon's Homemade Sour Kraut, two good reasons the Burgh ROCKS...
  1. I watched the last Pens game from the Atlanta Airport. I was one of about 8 people from Pittsburgh (or formerly for Pittsburgh) who showed up early for the 9:45 flight in hopes that the sports bar in terminal A would have Versus. They did and we crowded in a corner of Braves country to be all Pittsburgh. It's a shame we lost, but still, a cool moment that only happens (or happens more often at least) when you're from the City of Champions.
  2. My church hat its rummage sale yesterday and made like $1400 50 cents at a time. Pittsburgh has some of the best rummage/estate/garage sale shoppers in the WORLD.

Street Vendor on Grant Sour Kraut:

  • Where did the city/county merger go? The only thing I could find on it was this Trib piece which said just about nothing.
  • I follow Bob Mayo's blog... as he now knows from doing google searches. I wanted to applaud him for his latest contribution to the KDKA news. It is the kind of logical, fact centric, interesting news piece that I was beginning to doubt Pittsburghers enjoyed watching.
  • Good for Councilman Dowd not letting political operatives in to City Hall posts. What concerns me here though is this: If you view your political team and your government team as having separate skills, that necessarily means you were not elected to office because of your governmental skills. I'm not accusing Councilman Dowd of anything, he is a good Councilman who did what he had to to get elected, I'm more concerned with what this says about the system.
  • If I support Jim Russel and the concept of Cleveburgh politically, it doesn't mean I have to cheer for the Browns does it?

On that note, time for ball park Sour Kraut:

  • Both the Penn State Men and Women are National Volleyball Champs. I followed the girls team pretty closely when I was a student, no not just for the spandex pants (though they didn't hurt), the girls were damned entertaining. So I'm tickled pink to see THE Pennsylvania State University holding both trophies at the same time.
  • Interesting comments on yesterday's baseball game from the Buc's Dugout Crew. Paul Maholm's numbers are flabergasting (I don't care what spell check says, it's a word, I think)
  • Oh yeah, and one more little detail... Let's destroy the Rangers today and set up an all Pennsylvania Eastern Conference Championship.

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