Wednesday, May 14, 2008

West Virginia

When Punxsutawney Phil emerges from his home we get 6 more weeks of winter. When West Virginia Democrats emerge from theirs, we get 6 more weeks of CNN.

  • I'm not saying that every middle class white voter who says, "I didn't vote for Obama because he's an elitist." is a racist. I'm just saying that people who don't feel comfortable with a black president now have an excuse that doesn't involve stating the root of the problem.
  • I wonder if any of the political consultants that Obama has hired foresaw him, a black man who payed his own way through school, losing West Virginia (to an ex-first lady with degrees from Wesley and Yale) because he is too much of an elitist. If they did, HUGE gold star.
  • There is a lack of good ideas in the media as to why she might be running this campaign so long.
  • So here's my idea: What do you think history will remember as the end of this primary? Has the moment already passed? I think one reason for Hillary to keep running until the convention, even without a chance, is that history will forget that she was running without a chance and only document that she was running until the end. History might even be so kind as to forget this in less then 8 years, just in time to do it again.
  • There are good things about this primary continuing on. Even most republicans, know far more about Obama then they do about McCain. They have heard far more pundits call him presidential then they have McCain. McCain can't even make the front page by breaking with his party and admitting that Global Warming exists (as he did two days ago, in case you missed it).
  • Was there a republican primary? Doesn't it feel like it was a couple years ago?

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