Thursday, May 15, 2008


The Pensblog guys have really done some exceptional work this season, as I have documented frequently. They have taken the 41 year old hockey player and made him an Internet folk hero. Gary Roberts became "viral." All of a sudden he's a leading candidate for the pirate's all-star game spot (thanks to fan voting they even got Pittgirl interested), a cy young candidate (thanks to a text message) and superman wears his pajama's (according to Pensblog). Obviously no one believes any of these things, it's supposed to be FUNNY. The line between where Gary Robert's real hockey skills and the Pensblog team's exaggerations start is grey at best and I'm loving it. I've chuckled when seeing Gary Roberts for President posters around town and then I read this from Chad Hermann:

This undying obsession that Pens' fans -- by which I mean, casual fans and immature fans and bandwagon-jumping fans -- have with Gary Roberts borders on the absurd and fast approaches the insane. In a team and a season rife with heroes, a loud and increasingly annoying faction of people has latched on to -- and, worse still, Chuck-Norris-ified -- a guy whose on-ice contributions number two goals, one assist, a +/- rating of -2, a few intimidating stares, and an overblown, if admittedly awesome, bad-ass challenge to fight five Ottawa Senators at once.

Chad Hermann is one of three things:

  1. Too stupid to get it.
  2. Too old to understand a hilarious modern joke/prank.
  3. Too dense and or full of himself to appreciate good, low-brow humor even when he sees it.

Well, he's got a Phd and was hired by CMU to be a professor and he's certainly not old. I'll leave you to make your own conclusions.

For The Record: It's not like I have any intention of removing TWM from my blog reader. Some of his posts are absolutely brilliant. I just think it's a shame a decorated professor feels the need to pick on the fun loving guys over at Pensblog. So to restore some justice to the Burghosphere, I decided to take a shot at him.

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