Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Ladies and Gentlemen, hold on to your seats... I present a world premier, "City Council News that Has Nothing to Do With Banners, Billboards, Pat Ford, Bodyguards or Hockey Trips."

Bruce Kraus today dropped a mini-bomb on Council, proposing legislation that would allow for "domestic registry of unmarried couples" in the eyes of the city. The law would NOT sanction homosexuality, it would simply allow any two people (siblings, couples, parents with adult children, AND unmaried couples) who can prove that they share financial responsibilities to be registered with the city as people who share financial responsibilities. That's it, it's that painless.

Let me jump out in front of this and make no ifs, ands or buts about where I stand as a Deacon in my church, a faithful Christain, a straight man who will likely never qualify to use this bill, and a lover of our fair city. This bill is GOOD. Regardless of what you believe about homosexuality and pre- or pseuo- marital cohabitation, you won't be able to find any Bible verses that imply people who share bills out of wedlock shouldn't be allowed to share health insurance.

Also, I think Councilman Kraus is dead on when he says, "It makes us a much more desirable location for young, bright, cutting-edge people who want to come in and live in progressive areas."

I hope not to have to post in the next few weeks how disappointed I am with Pittsburghers for rejecting this kind of FAIR legislation. It makes me proud to have voted for and live in the district of Councilman Kraus.

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