Saturday, June 7, 2008

Personal Kraut

Yo Yo Yo, I'm too lazy (and now too pressed for time) to read the news and give you a post about current events, I do have a few personal points:
  • I've been invited to participate in the Pittsburgh Men's Bloggin Society. I'm stoked about the invitation and I highly encourage all of you (well the ones with a Y chromosone) to check out the blog.
  • I was at the buccos game last night and saw both Evgeni Malkin AND Jeff Reed. I think it would be great for the baseball team if the guys from the sports that actually field a good team start attending.
  • Seeing everyone fuss over Geno and Jeff got me thinking... If you were to rank the top 20 celebrities in Pittsburgh how many of them would be athletes? Perhaps a handful of news anchors? maybe a politician or two? A CEO of one of our Fortune 100 companies? For the most part this is a sports town.
  • My brother may be joining this blog, this should excite you. He's a smart guy with some cool opinions.
  • What do we think of the Cargo Container Arts Fest? I can't wait until it's back in the park.
  • Was the Arts Fest less promoted then in previous years? I didn't notice it until I stumbled in to it on the walk to the ballpark last night.
  • The new bar in station square is sleezy, but if you're a sleezy person... It seems to be popular. (I was in there Friday because friends of a friend are sleezy)
  • I'm going to be in Columbia South Carolina for most of the week the next few weeks. I'm going to be interested to see (if I have time to get around town) how it compares to the Burgh.
  • I am NOT going to be interested in seeing how HOT it will be.
  • Speaking of heat, I work in 11 Stanwix a lot of the time. I was in there this morning and the air conditioner was broken. Unfortunately, I had to make a few copies so I was in there for 45 minutes. I was gross.

Wow, I had a lot of random Sour Kraut today. See you at the bars.

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