Saturday, June 28, 2008

Side of Sour Kraut

A few things not worth their own posts:

  • If you didn't read Chris Briem's thoughts on the Real Estate market and by extension the Pittsburgh Media, check this out. Essentially, his point is that there is plenty of good news out there about the Pittsburgh Housing Market, certainly more then most places, but the news prefers to cover the negative.
  • Jay (that's Joe's son) Paterno got harassed on his blog on No surprise there, he's had a history of coaching mistakes at PSU. What struck me was Jay's response:
  • "The fact that you are on here posting and have yet to create a public profile makes me wonder about your motives. The fact that everything you post--(along with all the other pseudonyms you have used all without public profiles)--is negative makes me question whether you're really with us or not.

    You and your "friends" can attack me all you want--it is a common tactic by those who have run on the right. It is a shame because you should be commenting on ISSUES that relate to the future of this country here."

  • For a guy who has made as many enemies with his coaching career to assume that people who mock his coaching on ANY sight with a comments section (in this case a political sight) is just naive. I'm surprised Joe (a well known republican) hasn't slapped his son upside the head and made him shut up yet.
  • When did peddle bike racing become such a big deal? It took me AN HOUR to get from Oakland to my house in the Southside because I first tried the Hot Metal Bridge and found it closed. Then the Birmingham Bridge. When I finally reached the Southside off the 10th street bridge traffic was so backed up on Carson and Sarah I actually detoured through the slopes to get to 18th. This was all an hour after the race finished! I love having major happenings in the Southside, but I wish somebody would have told me how big of a deal this thing was.

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