Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Thunder Stolen

So, I was going to make a post on this I-Week article on Pittsburgh as a Start-Up hub. I packed the magazine (which I'm a subscriber to) in my bag and figured I had time, I mean who else is nerdy enough to read Information Week? Turns out, Gary Rosensteel from over at Pittsburgh Today is nerdy enough.

This prompts me to make two comments. The first is that the article is a GREAT thing. I was especially happy to see the Southside called out as a leader. I've noticed that friends and family in Pittsburgh have started thinking that these companies, with only a handful employees, are an inadequate replacement for Mellons or Alcoas that leave the area. The truth is, big companies don't move to cities to be by themselves, they move there to be with bright people making bright decisions.

The second comment is about the Pittsburgh Today website. It rocks, so much interesting stuff. If you're a fan of our city and are curious about things like jobs, buses, education and the environment you MUST check it out.

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Gary Rosensteel said...

Thanks for the shout out, which I just uncovered - sorry for the delay. Disclaimer - I know a few of the editors at Information Week and received advance notice of the article, so I jumped to post it on Pittsburgh Today.