Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Obama Bashing

I hate to call out one of my favorite blogs in the burgh, the Carbolic Smoke Ball. However, I believe they went a step too far with this posting where the CSB "quotes" a German as saying, "'I haven’t seen such charisma since . . . .' He cut himself off, fearful of uttering the name “Adolf Hitler” in public." I DO realize that there's some extreme irony in having the furthest thing from an Aryan male (a black male) compared to Hitler, but I'm still not sure it's appropriate.

On top of that particular article 15 of the last 20 articles in their political section (I counted yesterday) mock Obama in one way or another. The other 5 mock Senator Edwards (1), JFK (1), Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton (1), John McCain (1) and Larry King (1). Does anyone else see that as slightly skewed? I'm not saying they can't mock Obama or that most of their satire isn't hilarious, just that they should either spread it out or state a preference. I have a feeling that many of these political entries are created by 1 of their writers whose bias is well established but not well publicized.

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Judge Rufus Peckham said...

I once got a letter from a woman who must know Mayor Ravenstahl, and she asked me in the kindest manner to ligthen up on him. Maybe it was his mom, I don't know. I wrote a very respectful note back to her. But I am sure that many people in the City-County Bldg. must think we hate the mayor because it seemed that from the time he became mayor until the last election, half our stories skewered him. I invented the whole mayor-as-a-kid thing, before, I believe, John McIntire, or anyone else.

We skewered him because he was big news around here. Someone like Cyril Wecht would have been a much better, more colorful target but he wasn't in the news.

And I will say it: I actually like the mayor.

I've been saying for some time, "I can't wait for John McCain to get himself in the news more." It'll happen with the GOP convention. We try to spread our acid around to everyone, but we're guided by what's in the news. We've been hitting on the slightest McCain news we could find -- like when former Sen. Gramm got kicked off the McCain campaign for saying there's too much whining about the econony ("Former Sen. Gramm Tries to Talk Would-Be Jumper Out of Whining About the Economy" -- a story about as mean-spirited as there is, but I'm sure Obama supporters didn't even notice it.) And when the New York Times refused to print McCain's essay, we portrayed McCain as a nutcase a la Nicholson in "The Shining"; and when McCaim picked Bush the elder for VP -- to straighten out his son's screw-ups; and tonight we have one on his melanoma scare, where some people are going to claim we are suggesting McCain's a racist (we're not).

But NONE of these were prompted by major news stories in the sense that the news about Obama is major, because there IS no major news about McCain right now. Obama is the story. We frankly do a lot of these McCaim stories to maintain as much balance as possible. But Obama is the best target we've had in the three plus years we've been doing this, nothing I can do about that.

As to the authorship of the stuff, you've made an unfair assumption. The Great Chad Hermann is invaluable to Carbolic Smoke Ball -- but not for the reasons you think. The Sieg Heil story, for instance, was not authored by him.

Anyway, we generally don't respond to criticisms of any kind because, as I always say, if I like it, it goes up, and if somebody hates it, I can't do anything about it. But I respect you, which is why I invited you to join our "Men's Society" blog and thought you deserved the courtesy of a response.

I will tell you a story sometime that I cannot repeat publicly. It will, I think, convince you that I cast my deepest personal biases aside in deciding what to post. All that matters is the joke. What that says about me, I don't know, and really don't care.