Sunday, July 13, 2008


I was on vacation and didn't post much last week. Mostly because of a week internet connection. Here are some of my less then post-worthy observations of a week gone by though:
  • The Steelers aren't going anywhere. I talked with a recruiter from Pittsburgh on Wednesday and he finished the conversation, "Thanks Jonathan and let's hope the Steelers stay in Pittsburgh." I hadn't read a newspaper in two days so I ran to my computer thinking, "Say WHAT!?!?!?" Only to read that Stan Drunkenmiller, avid Steeler fan with Pittsburgh ties, might buy a portion of the Steelers. Here's a newsflash folks, he's not moving the team. A friend of a friend works for Duquesne Capital (Drunkenmiller's Company / Hedge Fund) and tells me that he flies here for EVERY home game, even paints his face for the games. He lives in NYC because he's an investor, and you just can't do that as well from Pittsburgh (that's speculation on my part). So everybody around Pittsburgh needs to just chill out and go back to worrying about the weather.
  • I REALLY don't want to leave Pittsburgh tomorrow. I don't know what it is... maybe I've found a girl I would like to spend a little more time with, maybe I haven't been to a southside bar in 2 weeks, maybe I haven't had a Fat Head's sandwich in a month, maybe I hate flights that involve Atlanta, maybe it's the fact that my current employer's handling of my career is laughable but when my alarm goes off tomorrow at 4am I'm going to consider ignoring it.
  • After being swept by Milwaukee last weekend, I officially declare the Pirates' season over. Done. It's now early football season. I suggest: The Nittany Line, Black Shoe Diaries and One for the Other Thumb.
  • McCain's Steeler Defensive Line thing is good old-fashioned dishonest political pandering. It's nice to see someone lose a couple votes for it rather then pick up cheap votes with it. If McCain wants to be a Maverick he should of owned up to it rather then letting his camp try to guilt us in to letting him off the hook cause he was tortured.

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