Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sour Kraut

Each of these (well most of them anyway) deserve their own post. However, I'm on vacation, so consider yourself lucky that you're getting anything at all.
  • Chris Briem has the numbers that show how Pittsburgh may be emerging from the rust belt, leaving Cleveland in Detroit behind. It's a happy thought, we'll have to see if/when other numbers come in to support the conclusion.
  • Here's a fascinating post on what Google may mean to the world someday.
  • The Center Daily Times (that's Center County, PA the county in which State College exists) is running a feature on the 7 Wonders of Center County. Let's see they have the largest football (American) stadium in the world. Ya, that's pretty much it. They try to convince themselves that their arts festival and fireworks are a big deal too. I noticed this on the Nittany Line.
  • The Conversation is having a good chat about the return of the urban neighborhood. This blog is fond of heaping praise on how nice it is to live in the Southside, I would love to see more Pittsburgh Neighborhoods (re)emerge.
  • Pittsburgh's Future plays myth busters with the reasons for not lowering the corporate tax in the commonwealth. I'm inclined to agree, low corporate tax = jobs = sales, income and property tax.

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