Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sour Kraut

The burghosphere was especially delicious this morning:
  • 2 Political Junkies has passed 1 MILLION hits!!! How awesome is that? By comparison, this blog should pass 1000 this week (granted it's growing, but still...). Congratulations to Dayvoe and Maria.
  • The Buccos are shopping their guys aggressively. As a fully qualified General Manager, I say good. At this moment the Pirates are a mediocre team with a chance to be terrible in a couple years. If Huntington can pull off a few good deals and rake in 6 or 7 prospects we could be a horrible (but fun to watch because of all the youth) team with a chance to be a great team.
  • One for the Other Thumb has a very interesting report. There are two things of interest here. The first is the implication that Cowher may have passed on the Steelers' head coaching offers because he was afraid the team would change hands. The second is the new nickname for Stanley Drunkenmiller, "D-Money." I say it couldn't be better and he has now become Stanley D-Money Drunkenmiller on this blog.
  • MEN ONLY: We're discussing gender roles over at the Men's Blogging Society. Pretty interesting stuff.
  • Tim Murphy (local Republican Congressman) voted to impeach George Bush. Interesting... My knowledge of impeachment proceedings dates back to 1999, but I don't think that mistakes (and I'm sure deep down even George knows they were mistakes) are a good reason to impeach someone. Definitely a good reason to elect a Democrat though!
  • Nothing like showing that you're willing to bury the political hatchet and start acting like grown-ups by saying, "It's tough for me to take anything Council President Shields thinks seriously anymore." He said this because he thinks Shields may run for mayor. As of right now there's only one person who is DEFINITELY running for Mayor, Ravenstahl. Should we not take him seriously?

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