Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sour Kraut

Kraut two days in a row? Jon must be hard at work. Perhaps tomorrow I'll have enough time for a real post.
  • Who says Pensblog isn't worth reading in the off season? NOT ME. The pic above is from here and is credited to one of their readers (Michael W). If you don't understand then either go watch the new Batman or start following the Pens or both.
  • I actually found a place where the Starbucks opens LATER then Pittsburgh (5:30am). Columbia, South Carolina. I had to wait 10 minutes for them to open just after 6.
  • Solid links available for Steelers fans on One for the Other Thumb.
  • I hate to point to my own blog, but Bram commented. It's like having the best chef in the city visit your new restaurant.
  • The Angry Drunk Bureaucrat points out that City Council has put issues like Lamargate, the Merger, the Debt and the rest on hold to tackle the real problem... Windshield Flyers.
  • I realized this while reading this 2PJ post. At some point today, I'll be within a half mile of this guy. Another scary fact... the same is true of this guy.

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