Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Sour Kraut

Several of these I had intended to do whole posts on... but as it turns out I have a (very) full-time job and it is not blogging.
  • Pittsburgh's Future and Pittsburgh Today are talking about the same thing, though the link hasn't been made. Pittsburgh is in a bit of danger of becoming a one-industry town for the first time since Steel and I'm not sure Healthcare is a better industry to be in. Anyway, I can't say it any better then Harold Miller. And the statistics that back up the what if we didn't have healthcare scenario are at Pittsburgh Today.
  • Barack Obama gave a speach before 200,000 in Germany. I don't care if you do say his trip to Europe was presumptious and a bit over politicized (I'd agree with you) but do you think McCain would draw 200,000?
  • Penn State did well in the rankings over at the Princeton Review again... 3 in "Party Schools", 4 in "Students Pack the Stadiums", 2 in "Lots of Beer", 5 in "Best Career/Job Placement Services", 9 in "Best College Newspaper" and 9 in "Best Athletic Facilities". Well Done, Dear Old State.
  • Mike Maddison (who it's nice to have back in his blogging chair) criticized a Post-Gazette article that I had intended to criticize but never got around to it.

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