Monday, July 28, 2008

Thank You Casey Hampton

Casey missed weight and couldn't run(PG).

I'm not happy with Hampton, he showed up unready to work on the first day of camp. To me it's the same as showing up at the office without sleeping and wearing yesterday's clothes. Sure, you're there, but you're not ready to go. However, Hampton is one of my favorite Steelers and I would sure rather have him over fighting weight then under. In the long run, he'll be fine. This is a man who has been balancing on the line between big and fat since he was in HS, and doing it magnificently.

What I want to thank Hampton for is bringing on the first REAL football story of the fall. Now I can stop worrying about the biggest embarrassment in Pittsburgh sports history that's unfolding over at PNC Park (the Pirates are about to tie the longest string of consecutive losing seasons in the HISTORY of major professional sports), and focus on what really makes a Pittsburgher a Pittsburgher, Steeler Football.

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