Friday, August 1, 2008

Some Great Sports Posts

Normally, you have to be a fan to appreciate a great sports post. I guess that's true even of these posts... but these are great for the inner nerd in fans. The part of us that likes to see things from an angle we haven't thought of and probably never would have.
  • There's been a lot said lately about the behaviour problems at PSU. Many have claimed that the reason for the latest behaviour problems is that Penn State, and particularly Joe Paterno, decided to allow more "troubled" kids in to the program in order to fix the loosing seasons earlier this decade. Kevin over at Black Shoes Diaries points out that the evidence doesn't trend that way. This is interesting because he tries to provide evidence for something that is typically assumed to be subjective.
  • Do you think the Pirates traded Nady, Bay and Marte this year to get 8 players at the deadline? Would it surprise you to learn that we actually traded Ricardo Rincon, Roberto Hernendez and Rob Mackowiak?
  • How do you feel about quoting Phil Taylor's facebook page? Taylor was released by the Lions earlier this week.

This is the kind of thing that makes me get my sporting news from the blogosphere (and burghospher) instead of traditional news outlets.

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