Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Sour Kraut

The Bad: I've been away for a couple days because the personal life has been interesting.
The Good: Lots of Juicy Sour Kraut has formed in my absence from the Burghosphere.
  • If the story here about Joe Biden being selected as Obama's veep is true I'll be happy. Not as happy as I would have been with Hagel, but happy.
  • There were a lot of blog posts on Councilman Shield's meltdown, but I only saw one on his apology, so I thought I'd bring it to you courtesy of the Busman. I don't see why Motznik still favors ousting Shields, it's not as if a "more mayor friendly" councilman will replace him.
  • Schultz has a great post about how much of a shame it is that Obama speaks over the head of some. I think that the reason its over the head of some is that they get their "news" (re: Fox News, Quinn and Rose, etc...) from people who intentionally misrepresent him.
  • The Pittsburgh Technology Council has announced the finalists for the Tech 50. Always nice to see a reminder how many good companies make the Burgh home.
  • Harold Miller has an interesting post on the employment numbers in the city from July.
  • I almost did a whole post on the bike issue (Mike Madison, Chad Hermann, Ed Heath), but I decided there were too many posts out there. I think bikers need to show more courtesy then they do (riding paths when they can, stopping at stop signs, etc....), but I think that it is vital that they are protected. I'm glad the city has a "bike czar" I think with a little creative thinking we can make some simple changes downtown that will make everyone happier.
  • An old friend of the family, John Doctor, is having bird park field named after him. I remember watching my brother's baseball games with Dr. and Dr. Doctor, whose kid was on his team.
  • Chris has an update on the burn rate of the pension fund. Not good people.
  • He also points out the proposed changes in Bloomfield. I had occasion to drive by the other day and was saddened to see the "Welcome to Bloomfield" sign gone :-(.

Well wasn't that tasty, maybe tomorrow I'll have a real post for you.

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Bram Reichbaum said...

Yes! Someone linked to JB4VP!

(Pssst ... blame Chris Schultz for the dubious tippage)