Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sour Kraut

Tasty tidbits from the last week:
  • I'm an ardent Obama supporter and THIS seems totally fair to me. Just remember that I said so when I post a picture of McCain lighting a bomb before Bush throws it.
  • Pittsburgh Ventures has a new home and (hopefully) new life.
  • An interesting review of Propel Pittsburgh so far. Yours truly applied but was not offered a seat on the board.
  • Duquesne rated a top tier school. A good catch by Matt.
  • Want to see my homeroom teacher and tennis coach's mug shot? That's right, I had that guy for class.
  • Pittsburgh Today reports another strong month for Burgh jobs and good news for the Burgh's bargenomics. I wonder how exactly this should be interpreted.
  • The Burgh Blog highlighted a picture of the gold medal ceremony for women's beach volleyball in Beijing. But I thought she wrote about Pittsburgh, why would she show a medal ceremony halfway around the world you might ask. Because of the Terrible Towel in the background, of course.

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