Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanish and Chinese

I don't know if anyone noticed but the Spanish Olympic team posed in a picture with their hands squinting their eyes in such a way that they appeared more chinese. For those who need a visual demonstration there is a picture in the link. Needless to say this created quite the hoopla. I wanted to add my two cents:
  1. Who the hell is responsible for this picture? Is there really an advertising company dumb enough to not see this coming? REALLY?
  2. I really wish we lived in a world where this wasn't so offensive. Chinese people, and several other races, have eyes that are different then mine. So what? Is pointing that out by stretching my eyes to resemble theirs offensive? I realize that this is more then a question of their sensitivity, it also has to do with how racist my ancestors have been for years... but I still wish we didn't live in a world where this was so offensive.

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