Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Trenni is in Milwaukee and I'm Bumbed

Trenni Kusnierek weighed in on the Erin Andrew's dress. Pointing out that Andrews may be harming female reporters. The interesting part is when Trenni says, "Erin is a beautiful girl with a body I'd kill for. I know she's hotter than me." That's just not true, Trenni is the best looking and most professional woman in sports journalism (and she, unlike Andrews, really is in sports journalism). I will stand by that opinion, at least until FSN puts another classy woman on the baseball field so I can fall in love with her.

Does anyone know why FSN was unable to retain her and lost her to Milwaukee of all places to do essentially the same job she was doing here?

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Anonymous said...

You are an idiot. Trenni blows, and her comments about Erin Andrews only go on to further solidify her as being CATTY.

Rob said...

You are a chump and i read her comments she was not being catty at all. She said that Erin's dress was not appropriate for on air.

Burgher Jon said...

I don't know her well enough to say she isn't Catty, but I know she was right about Andrew's dress. Furthermore, I know she was not only more attractive but also more interesting and less awkward doing the reports from the field then poor Stan is.