Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Blogroll Updates

I updated the best blogroll in the Burghosphere thusly:
  • Took out Pittsblog, TWM and The Conversation. I must say, this stung to do. Those were three of the best blogs in Pittsburgh but all have been discontinued for one reason or another. If you are new to blogging or new to the burghosphere I highly recommend you do a google search for the three of them, there is still plenty to be learned from their archives. Particularly in the Pittsburgh Manifesto on Pittsblog.
  • Added Early Returns. After several fits and starts the Post-Gazette appears to finally be running a decent political blog.
  • Added a new category for Pittsburgh Business. Business in Pittsburgh, particularly IT and Venture related business is becoming increasingly important to me. As some of you know, I am headed to Charlotte to begin working for a start-up and I am hoping over the next couple of years to learn a lot about the ways of the venture world. With that in mind and knowing I'll be back to the Burgh it is important to me to follow IT Entrepreneurship in Pittsburgh closely. With that in mind I've added the Pittsburgh Technology Council's blog and Pittsburgh Ventures (a blog run by two Pittsburgh Venture Capitalists (VCs)) to this new category. I hope to be filling more blogs in as I feel my way through the area.


Schultz said...

Burgher Jon - no love for technology + politics?!

Burgher Jon said...


Sorry to have forgotten a fellow (well I guess I'm former) lebo guy. I added your blog to the political section. How come I'm not on your blogroll?

Schultz said...

"My friend", you are now on the t+p blogroll. Thanks!