Monday, September 1, 2008

Burn the Jolly Roger

I went to the Pirate Game yesterday, and it didn't take the little tiff with my girlfriend to depress me. Watching the Pirates lose their 10th in a row was more then enough. Here (mostly from this PG article), are the reasons it makes me want to jump off a bridge with Dave Littlefield:
  • This is only the second 10+ game losing streak in the 40 year history of the Pirates.
  • 4 runs in their last 4 games.
  • 22 games below .500
  • We rank dead last in the National League in ERA, Batting Average Against, OPS Against, WHIP AND Quality Starts.
  • In batting average Xavier Nady leads the team and Jason Bay is in second, neither of which are still playing for the team.
  • We are 27.5 games back of the central division lead meaning we are ALREADY mathematically eliminated.

Can the Steelers start the season today and allow me to stop thinking about this?

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