Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Couple German Delicacies from the Burghosphere

  • All this stuff on McCain's houses is starting to drive me nuts. Being poor is not part of the job description for president. In fact if you're bright enough to lead the free world you've probably found a way or two to make a couple bucks. Did you hold it against John Kerry that he married Ms. Heinz and probably had more money then John McCain ever will? No, then shut up already.
  • Speaking of ridiculous, no selling food outside on Carson at 2am? That's horrible. Such a great tradition ruined for almost no reason. I usually enjoy either a cheese steak or one of Obaid's gyros on my way in from a night out. This goes back to the old issues with the Southside, the very vocal "natives" (people who've lived there their whole lives), are fighting the very things that are making their houses worth 50 times (not an exaggeration) what they were worth 40 years ago.
  • No commuter left behind noticed that PAT is spending more money on retiree's health care then gas this year. That can't be good for business.

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