Thursday, September 25, 2008

Gadgets Sour Kraut

So along with my interest in Venture Capital and Start-Ups I get to notice some pretty cool new things, if only their was time for all of them. Here are some of the things noticed today:
  • LifeSnapz: This website is a photo store/share website, like flickr. With one additional cool twist, you can create events (rather then just albums) and upload pictures of that event. LifeSnapz will then plot those events along a timeline and give you a photographic history of your life.
  • Yotify: You know the little messages you get on facebook "so and so is now single" etc... Now you can get them for everything on Yotify. You can notification of things like "There's a new Spiderman Trailer on YouTube", "Jim updated his LinkedIn profile" and more.
  • Google Vote: In something I actually pushed Chris Briem to kind of do a LONG time ago, Google will soon be able to give you your voting information and your local polling place.
  • RunKeeper: I have a $200 watch and GPS system that allows me to know how far I run when I'm out for a jog. Something I'm SOOOO glad I bought now that RunKeeper will use GPS in your iPhone to track it. Since the iPhone can play music too, I wonder if this is enough to talk me in to the iPhone.

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