Thursday, September 4, 2008

It's Official I'm Leaving, for a While

I'm changing jobs in the coming month and it is going to mean a move from Pittsburgh to Charlotte, NC. Since I have been discussing this with family and friends for weeks I am very aware of the common questions, so I thought I'd run through the FAQs with my readers...

Will the blog be changing?
For the most part, no. I have always traveled quite a bit (I'm writing this from Arlington, VA), and that has always informed some of my posts. Now you can expect to see more posts about Charlotte, but I think that is a good thing. Charlotte is a similarly sized city to Pittsburgh, but it is moving up in population not down. I intend to use my time in Charlotte to dive in to the reasons why. I hope that I will be able to, in some small part, share any insights I gain from Charlotte with Pittsburgh through this blog. Mostly though, I will still continue to cover Pittsburgh politics, Pittsburgh issues and (of course) Pittsburgh sports as religiously as ever.

Do you have to move?
I suppose I don't "have" to. I did have a couple opportunities in Pittsburgh that would have made me happy. Unlike a few bloggers who have left town because they didn't have options in the city, I found a few very interesting ones. However, a little company in Charlotte made me an offer I could not refuse (not just good money but a chance to do the kind of work I love with the people who are best at it).

Are you coming back?
You bet your ass I am. I'm not selling my house in Pittsburgh and want to be back as soon as I have taken full advantage of the opportunity in Charlotte. If you made me put an over-under right now I'd say 2.5 years.

How do your family and girlfriend feel about the whole thing?
They are being very supportive in spite of the fact that this puts a burden on all of them. That's why they call them loved ones :-).


Schultz said...

Good luck in the Queen city. I think Charlotte has a lot going for it. While my wife has wanted to move to NC someday but I don't like the newness of the sprawling Charlotte metro area. There is lot's of growth - and it is cool that they are building additional light rail to their LYNX system, but we're happy here in the burgh. Despite all the problems with government(s) here I think we'll staying put for a while. best of luck.


Sherry said...

i hope it turns out well. i don't think i could move unless someone picked me up, stapped me to a dollie like hannibal lector and loaded me into a truck.

it sounds like a great adventure!

Burgher Jon said...

I will be back before long, have no fear, but I am looking forward to contrasting the two cities. Thank you both for your comments.