Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Last Time I'll Have To Criticize TWM

Chad Hermann writes this long post about how all of the "zealots" who "worship" Obama are imbeciles. To support this he takes a sentence here and a paragraph there from the apparently wide selection of emails "fired off" to him defending Obama. He would like us to believe that every email he receives is as ridiculous as every one that he posts about. If you want sympathy that everyone who writes you is an idiot, then open up comments. Otherwise, stop being so dramatic.

It appears I will no longer be able to fill my blog with criticisms of his, as this post would imply that he has quit. The post itself carries all the over dramatization you'd expect of a second rate middle school theatre teacher, he claims "The Rest is Silence" then leaves a laughably emphatic number of empty lines. Maybe we'll hear from Chad again when his work writing speeches for Republican candidates is over. Maybe then we'll get to enjoy more of his eloquence (and yes he has exhibited very enjoyable eloquence in years past) and less of his inconsistent blabbering (mostly written with his current Obama stick stuck in the wrong orifice). Maybe then he'll allow others to post their opinions of his work instead of hiding behind an email only policy. Maybe.

Till then, good luck in your future endeavors (not too much good luck if I don't like the candidate you're writing for) and we all hope to see you in the Burghosphere again some day.

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